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Leyendo F*** Yeah, Lolita encontré un meme muy divertido ^^ Lo dejo en inglés porque la verdad no da para traducirlo xD

1. Best Lolita fashion advice you've ever received?
To keep to basics... The length of the skirt, the shape, wearing the right type of lace... Things along those lines : P

2. Style icons?
If I would've been asked a while ago, I would've probably said something along the lines of 'Mana-sama' xD Let's face it, I like Malize Mizer, M10M and some MMM stuff, but I'm not in love with him lol Also, I would've never thought my answer would've been the following x P


*the one on the right*
She's one of the designers of Angelic Pretty and actual designer of my Dream Dress (AP's Sugary Carnival). I really like her style, even though it's terribly sweet and OTT lol But I like it =) In fact, I can't think of another person which such a lovely lolita style ^^

Other style icon I have is Emilie Autumn, but since she's not actually loli, I won't really mention much about her : P

3. Describe your personal style.
I don't really have a personal style since I've never dressed in Loli so far =P Still, I'm quite fond of all styles ^^

I used to like goth loli the most, but now, since AP invaded my Tim Burton~ish universe with it's cuteness overdose, I guess that I'm a mixture of a Sweet loli lost in The Nightmare Before Christmas ^^

4. Favorite designers/brands?
I don't own anything brand (not even BodyLine lol), but I LOVE both BABY and Angelic Pretty x3

I love BABY because their style is sweet, but also can be more versatile, and obviously not OTT sweet : P
As for AP, I love their OTT stuff! lol It's like a dream : 3

5. Most cherished items?
Probably my plushies xD I don't really own any loli clothes, except for an offbrand blouse, but I really love my teddy bears, bunnies, puppies... x3

6. Most used item?
My pijamas? lol Like I said, I don't own anything 'loli' yet : P

7. I feel best wearing?
Something comfortable =)

8. The first thing I look for in another Lolita's outfit...
The whole coordinate look perhaps ^^ It doesn't have to follow all the 'rules' but be Loli and still be unique and coordinated =)

9. Lolita Fashion rule you never break?
Well, I've never worn Lolita, but I guess I'd never use lolita without a petticoat. I just think that Loli clothes - petti = NOT lolita

10. Never caught wearing?
Mmm... I think I'd never wear something from the brand Visible... No offense to anyone who likes it, but for me it just screams 'ita' D :

11. Dress to impress who?
No-one. If you dress to impress then you don't enjoy. You just have to dress according to how you feel and what you want at the moment ^^

12. Your next "must have" purchase?
Alice's & the Pirates Sleeping Beauty JSK in ivory OR Angelic Pretty's Jewelry Jelly Shirring JSK in sax ^^

Or if I could afford it, Sugary Carnival OP or JSK in sax xP

13. Favorite type of head accessory?
Headbands =) They're simple, usable and cute ^^ For a more OTT style, head-bows : D

14. Favorite cut of clothing (shirring, high waist, princess seams etc)?
Mmm... I like any cut (any besides empire-waist *fear*) ^^ But I really like Rococo~ish ones xD

Also, I like A lines more, because I guess they'd be more flattering to my figure, but cupcake shape is kawaii and... GAH! I can't decide! xD

15. Current obsession?
Sweet stuff! lol Angelic Pretty's new shoes and the Magical Pony/Star Night Theater Pony bags!! x33

16. Best Lolita fashion advice you can give to anyone:

Just be yourselves =) Follow the rules you feel are necessary to follow and break the ones which aren't. Essentially, don't let anyone tell you Lolita is not for you, because if you like it, then go for it! =3

Espero les haya gustado, y siéntanse libres de contestar con sus respuestas! ^^

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